Who is Frank?

We are a fashion platform for creatives!

Sharing a passion for fashion

Who founded Frank?

We are a young StartUp helping influential people with a passion for fashion to "reate" ... (create) ...Join us and be part of "our" revolutionary way of designing & selling products in todays world.

We take pride in every product we produce with our creators and ensure that quality standards, choice of material & the way how it is produced is according to our brand values. Join us and be part of revolutionary way of designing & selling products in todays world.



Fairness & sustainability through out the whole supply chain.

Our long standing vision is to create a network of production facilities and suppliers that all commit to producing with sustainable materials & offering their employees a fair paid job. We are working decentralized with small Artisan Workshops using ancient traditions in sync with nature, we support a way of life of indigenous people who have a rich history and a deep knowledge of sustainable living. We even plan to build our own production facility in the heart of Ethiopia.

We have nothing to hide. Transparency is obligatory. Weather it is the supply chain, product development, or breaking down the price of every product sold on our platform.

Below are just a few of our production partners we are working with. Feel free to check them out!

Own production facility in Ethiopiah
Small workshop in the Andes
Pima cotton producer in Peru
We want to boost peoples creativity, by letting them fully concentrate on the design of the product & the consumer, while we are taking care of the rest. We want to empower people to be Frank!
Christian Goossens
I would like to be somebody with a positive effect on people and our planet to prove that this can be good business as well. I actually believe that this will be the only viable way to do business in the future.
Nina Dornheim